The artificial intelligence tool that combines
music and data analysis through tech.

What is NEOS-AI

NEOS-AI is an artificial intelligence tool developed to scan and analyze information received into a database that assembles all the metadata with its corresponding assets. Which essentially was designed to replace human tasks such as sorting, organizing and structuring music libraries for distribution with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Besides data indexing, NEOS-AI is capable of creating curated albums in a split of a second. The tool is extremely customizable and can generate albums based on genre, mood, artist, tempo and much more. Utilizing user behavior analytics to determine which tracks to include on each release, our system assigns the best choice for commercial success in music distribution.

How does it work

After the compilations are created by our system, all albums shall be submitted automatically for digital distribution (streaming/downloads).

We proudly have an outreach of over 30+ music marketplaces worldwide including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube and much more.